Kilindi Zanzibar

Kilindi is a 15 unit piece of functional art scattered along a picturesque-perfect stretch of Northern Zanzibar. Designed in conjunction with some long-serving Tanzanian specialists. Kilindi brings a welcome dash of pizazz to the island.

Standing watch over the time-honored Dhow Routes, along a crescent of coral-bright sand, each of the fifteen pavilions embrace cascading rain-water pools, lush tropical gardens and domed private spaces of rest, indulgence and well-being. We call this logically-eco, rather than eco-logical, because it seems the obvious thing to do.  

Like many, the owners of Kilindi believe that high-yield/low volume tourism is the only way forward for tourism in developing countries, and that luxury in Africa is not something that can be commoditized and branded, it can only be experienced.

Experience is the new luxury.


Kilindi Zanzibar  Kilindi Zanzibar

Each pavilion has been carefully designed and crafted to maximize the light and space, drawing the eye to the views around, rather than the knick-knacks inside.

The domes collect the rainwater, the sleeping areas straddle its storage, and the pools circulate it. They call this logically-eco, rather than eco-logical, because it seems the obvious thing to do.

Our Suggestions:
This beautiful new resort, unique in style within Zanzibar, is now well established amongst the very best that Zanzibar has to offer. Feedback from guests so far has been extremely positive, with reports of very high standards of personal service and glowing comments about the location, staff, food, and World Class Spa facilities. Our teams stayed here and are consequently confident in placing Kilindi up as the best resorts in the whole Zanzibar archipelago. Pavilions 3, 5, and 11 also have fantastic roof top gardens!

We believe that this resort is a bold statement of style and ethos and a welcome addition to Zanzibar

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